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Updated July 10, 2016

Standard Leather Wraps can be ordered by clicking the shopping cart in the image above. Leather is a classic and will blend with any space & style of decor. The colors pop & the leather grain adds texture to the image. Printed at 220 dpi, the leather used is free of lead, acid & optical brightening agents. Produced in Valencia, Spain, the fiber content of this European Bonded Leather is comprised exclusively of cowhide fibers. The fibers are bonded together primarily by natural latex, a renewable resource tapped from Hevea trees. A minimum of 70% of the total content of our leather is leather fiber and approximately 30% is non-leather substances, principally the natural latex. This way, the leather is environmentally friendly and consistent—free of natural defects.

Leather Wrap 16×16                        68.69

Leather Wrap 16×20                        76.46

Leather Wrap 16×24                        84.24

Leather Wrap 24×24                        88.91

Leather Wrap 24×30                        104.46

Leather Wrap 24×36                        115.34

Standard Canvas Wraps can be ordered by clicking the shopping cart in the image above. These standard canvases are printed at 150 dpi with premium quality materials. The canvas, ink, and coatings are formulated to work together to provide the highest quality, longest lasting product available, tested in a UV test chamber to ensure that color will stand the test of time and last as long or longer than any other canvas prints available. The frames are 1-1/4″ deep with an extra 1/4″ bleed around the back. If your canvas does gather any dust, you may wipe it off gently with a clean, damp cloth. Hanging hardware will be placed at the top middle of your image.

Canvas Wrap 5×7                              22.20

Canvas Wrap 6×6                              22.30

Canvas Wrap 8×10                           26.41

Canvas Wrap 12×16                         39.05

Canvas Wrap 10×20                         41.67

Canvas Wrap 16×20                         48.33

Canvas Wrap 16×24                         54.56

Canvas Wrap 20×20                         57.87

Canvas Wrap 12×36                         60.91

Canvas Wrap 18×24                         60.91

Canvas Wrap 20×24                         62.47

Canvas Wrap 24×24                         68.69

Canvas Wrap 24×36                         109.51

Canvas Wrap 30×30                         117.29

Canvas Wrap 30×40                         132.84

Canvas Wrap 20×60                         132.87

Canvas Wrap 36×36                         148.39

Canvas Wrap 32×48                         171.72

Giclée Paper Prints

Giclée Paper Prints are printed on heavy weight paper with pigment-based inks.  This printing option is great for preserving fine detail and adding a satin sheen to your favorite images. Your Giclée Paper Print can be wiped down very gently with a soft dry cloth. Note: Giclée Paper Prints that are damaged through hanging modification are not eligible for replacement.

Giclée Paper Print 8.5×12              43.80

Giclée Paper Print 12×18               46.66

Giclée Paper Print 16×20               76.15

Giclée Paper Print 16×24               90.09

Giclée Paper Print 24×36               154.29

Giclée Paper Print 36×48               248.34

Giclée Paper Print 40×60               305.08


Acrylic Prints feature vibrant color and crisp detail with added depth and sophistication. These photographs are printed using professional grade gallery quality acrylic with a vinyl finish.
Selected images are offered on Acrylic in a wooden artbox surround. Most of these images have been produced for display as gallery exhibition peices. Go to to see the current offerings. The prices below do not include framing.

Acrylic Prints 12×12                          64.02

Acrylic Prints 11×14                          67.03

Acrylic Prints 11×17                          78.02

Acrylic Prints 16×16                          99.79

Acrylic Prints 16×20                          118.45

Acrylic Prints 16×24                          138.67

Acrylic Prints 20×20                          143.34

Acrylic Prints 20×24                          168.22

Acrylic Prints 20×30                          205.55


Clings are made from a woven polyester fabric with a clear, acrylic and ultra-removable adhesive, printed with the pigment-based inks at 300 dpi. Clings are mounted on a release liner that peels away from the removable adhesive. Recommended Display Surfaces: Smooth interior walls, painted drywall, Glass (not to exceed 90°F if in direct sunlight), metal, sanded wood (without lacquer), inside in temperature controlled environments. The Cling substrate will remain removable and re-positionable for up to 2 years after purchase. It is recommended that Clings be applied on an interior surface with a temperature between 30°F and 90°F.

Cling 12×18                                          32.92

Cling 16×20                                          42.25

Cling 12×36                                          47.47

Cling 24×30                                          67.13

Cling 20×42                                          74.90

Cling 24×36                                          74.91

Cling 20×60                                          76.46

Cling 32×48                                          123.12

Cling 46×96                                          165.11

Cling 56×96                                          202.44


The Metal Prints w Easel Stand are printed at 300 dpi with premium quality metallic paper. The metallic paper surface is not white, so the image may appear darker once printed than it appeared on your screen. The metallic paper is laminated onto a flexible recycled plastic backing, so it is ready to display without a frame. You can use a clean, dry cloth to wipe down the surface of your mini. Ensure there are no sharp objects adorned on the cloth (sequins, embroidery etc.) as they will scratch the Metallic paper surface. Metallic Minis can be used in a variety of ways including framing, hanging and many more! Please note: Metallic Minis that are damaged by modification are not eligible for replacement.

Metal w Easel Stand 4×6               14.26

Metal w Easel Stand 5×5               14.37

Metal w Easel Stand 5×7               17.37

Metal w Easel Stand 6×6               17.49

Metal w Easel Stand 9×9               20.48

Metal w Easel Stand 8×10             20.57


The Canvas Minis w Easel Stand are printed at 300 dpi on a finer-weave, high resolution canvas than Canvas Wraps to retain detail in the smaller format.  Canvas Minis can be used in a variety of ways – including framing, hanging and many more! Please note: Canvas Minis that are damaged by modification are not eligible for replacement. If your canvas does gather any dust, you may wipe it off gently with a clean, damp cloth.

Canvas w Easel Stand 4×6             14.26

Canvas w Easel Stand 5×5             14.37

Canvas w Easel Stand 5×7             17.37

Canvas w Easel Stand 6×6             17.49

Canvas w Easel Stand 9×9             20.49

Canvas w Easel Stand 8×10           20.50


Rolled Canvases are printed on genuine artist canvas with custom developed, pigment-based ink at 150 dpi. Each is precisely cut to minimize fraying. Please indicate any extra canvas material you need outside of the image area at the time of purchase or the material will not have a bleed.

Rolled Canvas 12×12                       29.81

Rolled Canvas 11×14                       31.36

Rolled Canvas 12×16                       34.47

Rolled Canvas 12×18                       36.03

Rolled Canvas 16×16                       36.26

Rolled Canvas 16×20                       37.58

Rolled Canvas 16×24                       42.25

Rolled Canvas 20×20                       50.03

Rolled Canvas 18×24                       50.28

Rolled Canvas 20×30                       56.25

Rolled Canvas 24×36                       81.13

Rolled Canvas 30×40                       99.79


A wonderful exterior solution, metal prints retain detail well and withstand sheltered exterior conditions. These images withstand moisture and extreme temperature beyond any other method of printing, although they are still vulnerable to scratches from mishandling.

Metal Print    5×7                               37.58

Metal Print   8×10                             51.58

Metal Print   8×12                             55.62

Metal Print 11×14                              76.46

Metal Print 16×20                            122.12

Metal Print 16×24                            147.13

Metal Print 10×20                            83.24

Metal Print 12×18                             91.42

Metal Print 12×24                             115.34

Metal Print 20×24                            163.89

Metal Print 20×30                            227.13

Metal Print 24×36                             243.98

Metal Print 30×40                            398.13

Square Metal Print 4×4                   31.75

Square Metal Print 6×6                   47.30

Square Metal Print 8×8                   58.19

Square Metal Print 10×10                70.63

Square Metal Print 12×12                81.52

Square Metal Print 16×16                112.62

Square Metal Print 20×20               162.39

Square Metal Print 24×24                232.37

Square Metal Print 30×30               325.68

Square Metal Print 36×36                481.20


Archival Print on Fuji Paper 4×6                  3.15

Archival Print on Fuji Paper 5×7                   5.30

Archival Print on Fuji Paper 8×10               18.32

Didn’t find what you were looking for? There are hundreds of options available and custom orders are welcomed. To speak to Janene about HD prints on textile fabric or metal, framing or anything you can image, email