Photographic Retouching & Restoration of your Memories

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I will retouch or restore your precious photos with expert handling, using my 20+ years experience in photo restoration. Sepia, B&W, Color, Colorized and any special requests are all welcome. Your photos will be treated with the utmost care while I scan & return your paper, daguerreotype, tin type photos to you. 

I can scan your physical image as large as 8.5″x12″ (scanning larger images are additional) or scan them yourself and I can use your 600 ppi digital scan (actual size). Your photos will last for generations; after completion the original and restored electronic files become yours to store & share on any social media forever. 

A fee of $25.00 dollars per hour will be charged for basic restorations. I provide a maximum price guarantee per image with no cracks or marks and minimal fading or retouching needed. If the original is severely cracked or has sustained extensive damage the time for restoration will increase. 

The price options shown in the pull down menu refer to the work on your image, printing is not included. A physical reproduction of your memory can be printed in any media that SJS offers in any size. After we discuss your project, I will create your own personal project page and email you a link for your approval. 

More Details:

Contact me at or on facebook at to discuss your project.

Each photo is different; my customization service price is dependant on the size and physical condition of your photo. For instance, if you send me a paper 5×7 sepia image in without cracks or watermarks with slight color loss & I email you restored a 5×7 600 ppi sepia jpg, I would charge a guaranteed maximum of 50 dollars (2 hours) for restoration time. I charge per hour for the restoration of your image with a guaranteed maximum charge on the actual restoration work including scans & electronic photo manipulation. If the work is so minimal that I do not reach my hourly rate I will happily refund the remainder to you or use it toward your return shipping.

I will contact you when your project is complete. Once your restoration price plus the cost of handling and return shipping clears, if applicable. You will receive an email with the restored image attached after payment for your project has cleared and your original will be shipped back to you.

Shipping to the studio is paid by the customer, please insure your images are well protected. I am not responsible for damage due to improper shipping to the studio. I also accept hand delivered originals or we can arrange courier service. When your image arrives, I will verify its receipt & begin work on your image. When I am done with your image, I will return your original in a secure, insured and protective package as soon as your payment clears. Shipping is due before your items are returned.

I can’t wait to see your photos! Sepia, B&W, Color, Colorized and any special requests are all welcome!